BCM10/2 MK2

New Class A Legend

In a world where more musicians and engineers are recording than ever, the AMS Neve BCM10/2 MkII fills the void of high quality, small format consoles for all types of users.

BCM10/2 MK2는 기존 Neve 1073N모듈과 사운드를 그대로 유지하면서 현대적인 레코딩 및 새로운 1952 스위칭 유닛을 사용하기위한 편리한 기능을 갖추고 있습니다.이 모든 것이 더없이 행복한 레코딩 경험을 제공합니다.

Spec description

  • Neve classic sound using Class A topology
  • Console sizes: 10,16,24 or 32 channels
  • 1073N microphone preamp and EQ module in each channel
  • Classic voltage mixing using 1272 balanced mixing topology
  • 2x 500-series slots fitted with Neve 2264ALB compressors, patchable or selectable across the Mix Bus
  • Direct outputs on every channel selectable pre or post channel insert
  • Simple Input to each channel doubles the mix inputs when mixing and also allows monitor and cue mixes
  • 4x Auxes, 1x Stereo Cue, 1x Stereo Main Mix Bus
  • Stereo and 5.1 monitor with passive 24 position gold plated monitor level control
  • 3x Stereo & 1x 5.1 selectable loudspeaker output sets
  • Comprehensive Solo system with destructive and safe/isolate modes
  • 2x Stereo reverb returns with width, mono and balance controls & 2x mono DI to bus inputs
  • Main Mix output insertion selectable pre or post fade with IMR (Insert Mix Return) parallel processing controls
  • 25-way D-sub connectivity for easy installation into home or studio environments
  • Optional side car stand on castors


  • 10, 16, 24 or 32 channel configurations
  • Pair of loudspeaker shelves – mount on top of console
  • Side car stand with lockable castors (32-fader stand has fixed feet)